Nov 14, 2017

'But my feet are too ticklish!'

When I tell people that I'm a reflexologist, this is something I hear a lot! People like the idea of having a treatment but if they have ticklish feet, they think it's not for them. But given a quick chance to prove them wrong and I jump at the opportunity! If you happen to say this to me and fancy a quick demo, I'll grab your feet and show you that reflexology isn't ticklish at all!

If you do have ticklish feet and have always fancied trying reflexology, you really don't have to worry. Every person I know who has ticklish feet (me included) quickly discovers that reflexology has a much more therapeutic feel (think a good massage) and relaxes into their treatment very quickly. In my treatments, the pressure I apply to your feet is firm and systematic, so your tootsies are definitely not tickled! And even if it transpires that you are the most ticklish person on the planet, and we find an area of the feet that's too giggly to treat, I can adjust the pressure or move on to a different part of your foot. 

And this quickly moves me on to the opposite question I get, 'Does reflexology hurt?' Although I apply a firm, therapeutic pressure to your feet, ankles and lower calves, reflexology shouldn't be unbearably painful for you. Where there are areas of imbalance in the body, the corresponding reflex points in the feet may feel tender or ‘bruised’ to the touch but this is usually described by my clients as an 'oooh, ahhh, good kind of ouch'! During my treatments I always ask my clients how the pressure feels for them and if anything does feel too tender or uncomfortable, again, I make adjustments accordingly. Any sensations of aching or tenderness should pass quite quickly and I don't focus on reflex points which feel a bit sore for long. And if your feet are particularly sensitive, or perhaps you're recovering from a foot injury, I can work very lightly. The overall feelings you should experience after having a reflexology treatment with me are a sense of rebalance and relaxation.

Melanie x

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Nov 26, 2018
Posted by: melanie

Cold hands, warm heart? That's all well and good but now the temperature has dropped we just want warm mitts and feet! Reflexology is brilliant for the circulation and at the end of a treatment, feet and toes are warm and even in colour. 

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Nov 7, 2018
Posted by: melanie

I'm now officially trained in Mindful Reflexology, thanks to the brilliant  Sally Earlam from the Association of Reflexologists. This additional reflexology training consolidates my background in mental well-being and stress management.

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Oct 22, 2018
Posted by: melanie

Ladies, young, old and everything in between, helping you on your journey through womanhood with reflexology is something I feel passionate about. As females, we should feel celebrated, respected and supported.

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