Jul 1, 2018

Regular reflexology works!

Why do people have reflexology? I guess is all depends on how you view a treatment, and what else is going on in your life. My lovely clients broadly fall into three main groups. Which camp are you in?

Different strokes for different folks
You might come to me purely because you enjoy your feet being touched and given some attention. If you're one of these clients you'll see a reflexology treatment as an essential part of looking after an often-neglected part of your body, and come for some TLC. If you view reflexology as purely a foot treatment, it is soothing, relaxing, boosts your circulation (great for cold feet), and works to improve your lymphatic system (helps swollen legs and ankles). Some clients taking this view will come every month, or see their reflexology session as a real treat and will have a treatment once every three or four months, or on their birthdays!

Alternatively, you might come for treatments because yout want to see if reflexology can help support you with a health issue, for example, anxiety, a hormonal imbalance, or pain management. My recommendation for a treatment plan in these situations is to initially have weekly treatments for four to six weeks (to give the body a chance to reset and respond), and then decrease the frequency to every two weeks, and then to a month (to provide ongoing maintenance). I see many good results in supporting health conditions, as the body is relaxed and working well, and clients often incorporate other positive lifestyle choices at the same time. 

Or maybe you fall into the third, and probably my biggest, group of clients who come for regular reflexology, usually once a month, as a 'maintenance' treatment. If you imagine your body (and mind) as a car, a regular service is going to make your engine tick over well, rather than neglecting it which can make you susceptible to the odd breakdown! If you're one of these clients you're probably really tuned into the importance of well-being and find that reflexology is your 'thing'. You might also see reflexology as just one component of keeping well, and often also enjoy regular massages, go to an osteopath, see a nutritionist, etc.

A strong connection with my regular clients
My reflexology treatments in isolation are beneficial but what comes with seeing people regularly is that I build up a strong, trusting connection with my clients which opens up all kinds of conversations about well-being, life, the universe and everything! As a result, many of my clients make changes in their lives which further add to their sense of well-being. Often treating the feet is just one small part of my job!

The power of active rest
Reflexology can be beneficial for everyone as it enables you to stop and have some ‘active rest'. This is where you’re making a conscious decision to look after yourself and stop dashing from one thing to the next without a break. A stressed body doesn’t work at 100% and so when we’re relaxed, all the systems of our body (e.g. the digestive, hormonal and muscular systems) relax and function better. When we're in this deeply calm state during a treatment, our stress levels fall and the body's ability to rebalance and heal itself is promoted. Reflexology also gives you valuable headspace and ‘me time’, freeing you from the expectations you and others put on you. As much as we might love our families, work, friends, etc. we all need a break!

Regular reflexology works!
Regular clients will often tell me that after having reflexology, to start with they felt better, and now they feel well. Some will tell me that they haven't had a cold in a long time, or that they have more energy, or that they feel more positive. Reflexology definitely helps the body and mind, even if we don't quite fully understand the precise, intricate reasons why. A lovely piece of feedback from one of my returning clients last week sums it up perfectly:

'Thank you for the treatment...I feel so much more together.'

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May 9, 2019
Posted by: melanie

Earlier this week I spent a couple of hours at Enys Gardens in Penryn, near Falmouth, with a family friend from years ago. Looking at this beautiful carpet of bluebells was wonderfully soothing for my soul.

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Mar 4, 2019
Posted by: melanie

I'm a big fan of flaxseeds (also known as linseeds) and suggest to many of my clients to include them in their diet. Taste-neutral, cheap and simple to add to all kinds of meals, they have many health benefits. Here's a quick overview...

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Jan 28, 2019
Posted by: melanie

As a reflexologist, I've seen first hand how powerful the simple act of touch can be. The importance of this innate human connection can’t be underestimated; it's vital to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

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