Prices and treatments

30 minute sessions £25
Each session includes practical tips to support you, exercises such as meditation and mindfulness, and a demonstration of reflexology points for you (or a willing partner) to try at home. 

Lockdown Health & Self-care
This session can cover anything that's currenty impacting your wellbeing. I can provide support with issues such as women's health, building resilience, managing stress, calming anxiety, improving sleep, moving your body, eating well, balancing hormones, and foot health. 

Labour Priming & Birth Preparation
Support for you in late pregnancy and once you've passed your due date to encourage natural labour (if baby is ready to make an appearance). Includes reflexology points which can be used during the labour/birth process to help you regulate your breathing, reduce stress, and lower pain sensations.

Pregnancy Balance/Post-natal Nurture
Support to help balance hormones, improve mental wellbeing, promote good sleep, reduce swollen feet/legs/ankles, and alleviate aches and pains, during pregnancy and once baby has arrived. 

Calm for Kids
Tailored for different ages – from toddler to teenager – this session includes a demonstration of a simple reflexology routine which you can use on your child's feet to provide relaxation, calm and reassurance – especially helpful before bedtime!

Online Facial Reflexology
I'll guide you through a mini facial reflexology treatment, where you’ll follow my reflexology techniques and mirror these on your own face. Each treatment starts with some gentle upper body stretching and finishes with a calming meditation, and time for questions. Evening sessions are available - a lovely way to unwind before bedtime! 


  • 30 minutes – online facial reflexology  £25
  • 30 minutes – foot reflexology (up to age of 15 years)  £25
  • 60 minutes – foot reflexology  £50
  • 60 minutes – facial reflexology  £55
  • 90 minutes – foot and hands reflexology  £70
  • 90 minutes – foot and facial reflexology  £75
  • 120 minutes – foot and facial reflexology  £100


A reflexology gift voucher is a lovely treat for someone special. Vouchers are available for any value/number of sessions, are quick and easy to order, and are available to post or email. Due to the current and ever-changing circumstances, I'm flexible with expiry dates. Below are some examples of the treatment packages available – just ask and I'll create a bespoke package especially for you!

Cornish Calm  £105
Perfect for when you're on a break in Falmouth! Two treatments over 2-3 days. One 60 minute foot reflexology appointment plus a 60 minute facial reflexology session. 

Study Leave  £150
Three 60 minute reflexology treatments to help clear busy minds, reduce anxiety and provide time out when dealing with the pressures of studying – at school, college or university. Each session comprises of primarily foot reflexology, combined with work on five stress-busting facial reflexology points to reduce tension in the face and jaw. 

Pregnancy Balance  £155
Three tailored treatments which create the perfect environment for a balanced mind and body, to support mum-to-be during pregnancy, and in preparation for birth. Two 60 minute foot reflexology sessions plus a 60 minute facial reflexology session. 

Postnatal Nurture  £155
Three deeply nurturing treatments to provide much needed rest, and help new mums rebalance body, mind and hormones. Two 60 minute foot reflexology appointments plus a 60 minute facial reflexology session. 

Super Feet  £300
Six therapeutic, rebalancing, 60 minute foot reflexology sessions. This package is a great way to help rest the body and mind, whilst also giving the feet, ankles and lower legs some regular, feel-good attention. 

Facial Bliss  £330 
Six deeply soothing, 60 minute facial reflexology sessions for the ultimate in pampering relaxation. These gentle treatments restore balance to the body and mind, and release tension held in the face. They're also a beautifying treat, helping the face look softer and more radiant. Over six sessions they can help plump the skin, and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. 


  • To secure your appointment, payment should be made in full, via BACS, at the time of booking.
  • Your payment is non-refundable but is transferable to another appointment if you provide more than 24 hours notice. 
  • Payments will be retained in full for all no-shows.
  • Payments will also be retained in full for cancellations made within 24 hours of scheduled appointments. The only exceptions to this rule relate to Covid-19 and are as follows: if the risk assessment undertaken the day before your treatment deems it inappropriate to treat you; if you, or someone in your household, is showing symptoms of Coronavirus; if you have been in contact in the last 14 days with someone who has been diagnosed with, or suspected of having, Coronavirus, or; if you have been contacted by the NHS Test and Trace team and advised to self isolate. In these circumstances you will be able to transfer your payment to another treatment once you are able to rebook.
  • If you arrrive for your appointment with any visible signs of illness I will not be able to treat you and your appointment will be cancelled. In this instance, because I could have offered your appointment to someone else, I will retain your payment in full and you will not be able to transfer it to another appointment. Rather than put yourself and others at risk, please stay at home and contact me to cancel your appointment so that I can offer it to someone else. 

Some health insurance and cash plan schemes cover reflexology, so if you have one it's worth contacting your provider to check. If you are able to claim for your treatment please mention this when booking so I can provide you with a receipt.

If you would like proof of your appointment, for antental or other medical reasons, I can provide a receipt or email to confirm your session(s).

If you feel unwell, or have a contagious condition, such as a cold, bug, or virus please get in touch to postpone your treatment until you feel better. These precautions aim to protect my most vulnerable clients who are the most susceptible to illnesses, and also ensure that you don’t feel more unwell after your treatment.