Pregnancy and postnatal reflexology

Whether you’re trying for a baby, are pregnant, or have just had a child, maternity reflexology provides a safe, soothing space to support you during this special time.

I trained in Maternity Reflexology with Sally Earlam, the Association of Reflexologists' leading maternity expert, and have experience of treating many women, from pre-conception, all the way through pregnancy, and into the postnatal period. 

Preconception support
Being in a calm, relaxed state helps your body – including your hormonal and reproductive systems – work better. Reflexology reduces stress, provides relaxation and rebalances your body and mind, enabling you to be in the best place to help nature do its best.

Pregnancy reflexology
Reflexology creates the perfect environment for a balanced mind and body, to support you and your growing baby. Putting your feet up during a maternity reflexology session takes the pressure off your body, helping you to physically relax and de-stress. Reflexology also promotes good blood and lymphatic flow so can help with swollen feet, legs and ankles. As you may not want to take medication during your pregnancy, reflexology is a natural therapy which may help to alleviate common pregnancy niggles such aches and pains, fatigue, restless legs and constipation.

Preparing for birth
Reflexology provides you with a lovely opportunity to have some precious time to yourself, and to prepare for your baby’s arrival in a comforting and nurturing environment. As your baby's arrival gets closer, I'll share some reflexology points that you or your partner might wish to try during labour to help regulate your breathing, reduce stress, and lower pain sensations. A recent study showed that reflexology in pregnancy significantly reduced pain during labour, and also reduced the length of the first stage. If your baby's anticipated arrival time has passed, you may also wish to try reflexology as a way of encouraging baby to make an appearance!

Postnatal reflexology
It takes a while to recover from pregnancy and labour, physically and emotionally, and the postnatal time is when women need nurturing and support more than ever. Reflexology can help you rebalance your body and hormones after a period of huge change, and give you some much needed rest. Reflexology is extremely soothing and a study showed that it improved the quality of sleep in postnatal women. Regular treatments post-birth can help you keep well, stay positive, and ease some of the very normal anxieties you may be feeling. Baby is welcome too!