Hand reflexology

Hand reflexology can help maintain manual dexterity and rejuvenate tired hands. It may also provide support for conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and RSI. Hand reflexology is also a great alternative if you have a foot infection, injury, or don't like your feet being touched. 

In the same way that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to the rest of your body, there are also reflex points on the hands. Hand reflexology works in the same way as foot reflexology in that 'working' the reflex points helps to rebalance any areas of the body which are out of kilter. In fact, I often provide my clients with hand reflexology points to work as an extra boost in between their foot reflexology sessions.

If you opt for hand reflexology instead of foot reflexology, I take exactly the same approach. I provide the same level of care, give you that much needed rest and relaxation, and use natural, organic balms. I just work on your hands, wrists and arms instead of your feet, ankles and lower legs. 

For a lovely double session of nurture, calm and self care, a half hour hand reflexology treatment can also can be be added to a one hour foot reflexology treatment. Pure bliss!