Reflexology for women's wellbeing

Supporting my clients on their journey through womanhood is something I'm passionate about. Reflexology is a safe, natural therapy that can help girls and women, from the onset of menstruation right through to the post menopause period.

Womanhood should be celebrated and respected, and we should feel empowered by all the positives that being female brings. However, as much as we need hormones to function, they do bamboozle us sometimes! Stress – and the unique pressures women often face – can play a big part in hormone upset. Reflexology promotes our bodies' vital 'rest and digest' response to help bring about balance. Reflexology also helps to promote blood flow to our whole body, including our endocrine system, which can be compromised by illness and modern life.

During every treatment I apply specific reflexology techniques to help support you with whatever you need. Common issues include: PMS; painful/heavy periods; irregular periods; endometriosis; fibroids; UTIs; fertility; pregnancy, labour and birth; the postnatal period; peri/menopause; mental health, and; emotional wellbeing. 

As reflexology is an holistic therapy I'll work with you to look at all aspects of your life. There are many things that we can cover, with sensitivity and warmth, to enable you to take better control of your physical and mental health, helping you become more intune with your amazing female body.

Trained in Reflexology for Women's Health
Hagar Basis, Reflexology Academy